Kuelap Nexus Helps Cooperatives

Unlock New Revenue, Improve Efficiency, Reduce Cost

Find out how to make a demonstrable impact for our partners in finding new revenue streams while improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

Learn what Kuelap Nexus
can do for you.

Uncover new revenue sources

Unlocks new revenue Sources
with little cost and fast decision making


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Cloud Migration

Our seamless Cloud deployment brings Top grade Security and Flexibility required for modern banking. This unlocks Mobile delivery, which lets your agents take their office to the field on a tablet.

Business Intelligence

Nexus Cloud infrastructure Centralizes your data and consolidates your reports. This enables our users to extract critical Business Intelligence that drives decision-making.

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Does your

credit union still make

you wait in line?

Our partners
offer their clients convenience


Mobile App for easy account access to withdraw and deposit funds
Mobile banking.
Paying water, electricity, internet bills from mobile
Receive your salary in the comfort of your home
Refer your manager or decision-maker and get a commission.

Measurable impact

Case Study

With Nexus , U3C was digitally transformed within a short period of time and membership 3 months after deployment while improving customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

These are the questions we hear a lot and you’ll find the answers below.

But if you have others, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help.

What is the meaning of Cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the delivery of different services through the Internet, including data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software.

How long does it take to migrate data from an old system to Kuelap Nexus?

Data migration can take less than 24 hours or maximum of 72 hours depending on the size of the client’s data, and the nature of the data. However, we have adequate data analysis tools to ease the migration work.

How long does it take to install Kuelap Nexus?

Kuelap Nexus does not need onsite installation. It is cloud-based software meaning with stable internet, connection links, user’s credentials, and a google chrome browser you can access Kuelap Nexus anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Is your platform accessible offline?

Yes, it is. Without the internet, you can still serve your members using our offline application called member service app(MSA)

Do you have a local data center in Cameroon?

No. We’re leveraging Google’s cloud data center located abroad . But we can always make provisions for a local data center if that is necessary.

Can you produce COBAC reports?

Yes, and any other reports of your choice.

Must the Microfinance institutions using Kuelap Nexus follow the same Financial Standard?

No! Given that our platform is global, it is adaptable to the financial norms of each country.

Is your software used only by Microfinance Institutions?

No. Kuelap Nexus can be used by rural banks, cooperatives, microfinance institutions, and commercial banks. 

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