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Increased revenue 200%

New Products 34

Increase efficiency 50%

Reduce costs 45%

Increase in membership 33%

Kuelap Nexus’s Promise and Guarantee

We will convert your financial institution into a fully digital financial institution offering

digital products and services.

Our platform will be more sustainable and cheaper than any on-premise software you have

used or want to use.

We give you the right platform to create new products and services to scale your

institution and enable commerce among your members.

Security for your client’s data on our platform is guaranteed.

Your members and clients can now use mobile banking, and you can charge them for that service.

Our platform enables you to generate more revenue from digital banking services.

Pay us monthly, bi-annually, or Yearly. Don’t pay us if we do not deliver on our promises.

Case Study

With Nexus , U3C was digitally transformed within

a short period of time and membership 3 months after deployment

while improving customer satisfaction.


Brief background of U3C

U3C is a network of about 40 village barns spanning 5 regions of Cameroon including but not limited to Center, Littoral, South, North, and the Far North. Before the coming of Kuelap with technology, U3C was mainly a paper-based institution. Workflow, business, and operational processes were all manual. When Kuelap came in February 2019, it took us 1 year to digitally transform U3C from a paper-based MFI to a digital MFI.

The impact we made?

The management of U3C needed software that is affordable, scalable, user friendly and complies with COBAC regulation and that is exactly what we gave them- Kuelap Nexus.

After 1 year of working with U3C, we digitally transformed them and improved their operational processes.


How did we deploy. How long it took,what was required. etc.

Deployment of U3C was our first real deployment in Cameroon since it was the first time we tested our platform in the field. We saw firsthand how clients reacted to Kuelap Nexus. We equally gathered lots of data in the fields that helped us to either add new features or enhanced the existing ones.

For over 1 year, we worked closely in the field with about 12 village barns.

We noticed these village barns were not computer literates, and some of them had never seen a desktop. So, it was quite challenging in that sense and to digitally transform the village barns, we called on the technical know-how of experienced service delivery specialists. After 1 year, these village barns were advanced in using computers, printers, and Kuelap Nexus.


What were the difficulties encountered and how Kuelap helped.

  1. Computer illiteracy: Some of the village barns found in remote areas had never seen or used a laptop, desktop, talk less of a printer. So, before getting into onboarding them on Kuelap, we trained them in basic computing.
  2. Poor access to village barns: Access to village barns was a real ordeal due to bad roads. It was quite challenging to travel behind a motorbike for long-distance on bad roads. Nonetheless, we pursued our deployment because we believed it was part of the digital transformation journey.
  3. Lack of stable energy and internet connectivity: Some village barns had no electricity. Other village barns used solar panels which were either malfunctioning or damaged. Also, the internet connectivity was not the best. Kuelap team came out with some solutions; We used charged Chromebooks during training, boosted fly boxes to get a stable network, and used internet keys or charged modems. Also, we advised the village barns to fix their solar panel .


How did they adapt to the new changes.

How long it took and how things are getting better.

Change is constant and there is nothing we can do to stop change.

Provided that these village barns have worked paper-based for over 20 years, we knew bringing software will be quite challenging. That is why before getting into onboarding on Kuelap, we took some time to prepare their minds for the change. We gave them some peck talks on change management. As a result, any resistance to change the village barns might have had was demolished.

We equally salute the professionalism of our service delivery team Thanks to their patience, resilience, and tolerance, the village barns were digitally transformed.

After 1 year of deployment, we were amazed to see the change. The employees could create and format MS word docs, print receipts from a printer, draft and send emails, and worked efficiently on Kuelap Nexus.


after1 year of using Nexus


Mobile delivery of low cost digital financial services drive revenue for U3C


No migration , no maintenance , no upgrade fees on a deployment of a cloud based software like Kuelap Nexus reduce cost by 40%.


Kuelap handles technology, the MFI can focus on developing products and services that suit current members and also devise strategies to onboard new members.



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